196th Light Infantry Brigade Association Reunion

Terry's speech to the 196th

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On July 25th, 2009 Terry spoke at the reunion of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade Association held in Buffalo, NY. More than 950 veterans, family, friends, and active duty personnel were in attendance. Terry was accompanied by his good friend David Rivers, who served in Vietnam as a Marine.

patch196Tour of Duty fans will recognize the 196th’s distinctive patch. Terry’s character “Zeke Anderson” served in the 196th during the series’ first season. The association’s website ( provides some history about the brigade, also known as the Charger Brigade: “The 196th Brigade was an active Army unit from 1965 to 1972. As many as 20,000 soldiers served in its ranks during this period. Its assignment was Vietnam service, and it was the last combat unit to leave that country. The Brigade was decommissioned upon its return to the States.” The brigade was reactivated in 1998.

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196th Light Infantry Brigade Association
Company C, 4/31, 1965-1967

Also included are comments from attendees who e-mailed or posted on Terry’s guestbook, shown below the photos.

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Colonel Tom Ruane, Terry, Barbara and Mike Ruane.
(Photo courtesy of Barbara Ruane)

Terry meeting with fans from the 196th.



Over 950 were in attendance.

A sense of the crowd...



Colonel Ruane and Terry.

Terry addressing the reunion.



   Terry at the podium.




I want to thank you for being at our reunion in Buffalo (I was the tall red haired guy who spoke with you during our picture session and you thanked me at breakfast on  Sunday for talking with you. When Tour of Duty aired I tried not to  miss an episode. As I told you, I was amazed to see our unit patch on  your sleeve. Such a small unit. We weren't the CAV or Big Red One or  the Tropical Lightning (25th) but we did our job and took our hits (I  took a bullet through my chest and out the back during Operation Junction City on 25 Feb. 67). I know that you were proud to attend the reunion and as a CHARGER, B/4/31, I was  personally honored that you were there and spoke such heartfelt  comments.

If you ever get to Phoenix my wife and I would be honored if you would allow us to take you and your  guest to dinner. You made the 196th proud...prouder! Thank you.

- Woody Glaudel


I was personally somewhat apprehensive when I heard Terry would be our speaker. Although I was a fan of the show, Tour of Duty, and thought Terry was the best actor in the show, I was leery about how a civilian would address soldiers that are sometimes touchy about Vietnam.

Terry was wonderful. His comments were from the heart, and addressed his feelings for our service. He couldn't have said it better, and everyone was moved.

- Ken McKenzie



I wanted to say what a true pleasure it was to meet you at my Dad Warren's 196th LIB Reunion in Buffalo! My son was the one in  the blue hat, and he just thought you were great! Your speech was beyond amazing and I know all of the guys truly appreciated your heartfelt words. I hope you and Dave enjoyed yourselves as much as we enjoyed you both! We hope to see you at the next reunion in 2011 in Seattle!

You will forever be one of the guys! Thanks again, Cheryl



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