Terry_500x383_copy-tOn April 3, 2003, Terry was on line to chat with fans from around the world. (Photo courtesy of erika at

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April 3, 2003 - Chat With Terry [Thu Apr 03 21:00:09 EST 2003] Terence Knox: Los Angeles, CA

<Doc> Hey Terry!
<LOU> hi there
<Linz> Hi Terry
<Nikkie10> Hello Terry!
<DC> Hello
<EstherM> Hey there!!!!!!
<TOD Advisor Russell> Hey
<Joanne> hi terry
<Terence Knox> hey what's going on
<cdlynn43> hello Terry
<Jamie E. Tegart> Hello Terry
<Deborah> Hi Terry
<Proud to be a Bomber> Proud>Hey Terry, any chance you can make R2K+3 in June?
<Nikkie10> A lot Terry!
<TOD Advisor Russell> Hey
<Doc> We are having problems finding enough chairs in here
<Terence Knox> will try and make it in June
<Joanne> i am sitting on the floor
<SgtPepper> Hello TERRY
<Proud to be a Bomber> cool
<Doc> We've been talking about Washington state, actually
<Jamie E. Tegart> This is very overwhelming, especially for someone who is new!
<Terence Knox> who is proud to be a bomer
<Terence Knox> bomber
<Proud to be a Bomber> Proud>haven't seen you since high school--remember when you were
picked for Tolo King
<SgtPepper> You are that is what is going on
<Proud to be a Bomber> Proud> I am
<kp> hi there
<Terence Knox> ok here's the deal....
<Terence Knox> I don't know shit about what I'm doing at this computer
<Proud to be a Bomber> Proud> I am born and raised in Richland and graduated from Col-Hi in
<Joanne> Terry Eric Bruskotter said to say hello
<LOU> diito
<EstherM> don't worry, neither do we
<Linz> lmao
<SgtPepper> lol for Terry
<kp> hello
<Luz> Good evening Terence......
<Jamie E. Tegart> I don't know what I'm doing either
<TOD Advisor Russell> On behalf of the TOD writers, who OUGHT to be apologizing, let me say
"Sorry for all the silly lines we put in your mouth!" LOL
<Terence Knox> the only experiecce I have had in a chat room was when I signed on to a porno
site one time
<Terence Knox> and got scared when I saw my name
<Joanne> lol
<Linz> lol
<Terence Knox> so I don't know how to answer questions very well
<Terence Knox> but Erin is helping me
<Doc> we'll be gentle
<Linz> No problem
<Proud to be a Bomber> Proud>did the same thing going into a chat room on Elvis!!!!! lol
<EstherM> was Elvis there too?
<Proud to be a Bomber> Proud>LOL
<Canuck> Not to worry Terry I'm a first timer too
<TKTK> Yeah, it's my first chat too. <LOU> have you been to the uk and do you plan to if you have not?
> Terry, are you able to see Lou's question?
<Terence Knox> no can you please say it again
> Lou, go ahead
<LOU> have you ever been to the uk and if not do you plan on a visit?
<Terence Knox> yea been there was there in the summer of 69. I'd love to go back with some
money in my pocket.
<LOU> pay me a visit if you do
<Terence Knox> no problem

<Canuck> Who was the most unrepentant practical joker on the set of TOD and were you ever
the vicitim
<Terence Knox> I was the master but Miguel Nunez was a close 2nd
> Deborah.....
<Canuck> oh Iwant to hear the stories
<Deborah> No question just wanted to say hi and thanks to you & Erin for chatting
> Karen....go ahead....
<Karen> ah well: then I"d like to say "hello" on behalf of Yvonne as well since she's sound asleep
right now and I'd like to know what you consider the best joke you pulled then? :)

<Karen> hm my entire screen just went blank but I hope you all still see this: I was asking, in reference to the previous
question what do you think was your best joke?
> since I think we all like to hear stories :)
<Terence Knox> I'm not sure if you saw it or not ? the thing about Stan Fosters chair in the tree?
<Linz> haha
<LOU> lol
<EstherM> Tell us, by all means Terry
<Luz> <luz<ha ha that was very funny
<Nikkie10> a chair in the tree?
<SgtPepper> oh yes Terry you GOT to tell us
> please tell us; I don'think I have seen any chairs in trees
<Terence Knox> Let me try this again...
<EstherM> line by line, build up the suspense....
<Linz> lol
<Terence Knox> Stan Foster Loved his personal chair. We were called to the set to film a scene. I waited until he
was gone, and strung his chair 40 feet in the tree...
<Terence Knox> then, I quickly took a poloroid shot of it, and ran to the set just as we started filming....
<Terence Knox> Stan and I were in the background just looking on....
<Terence Knox> and the picture came into focus during the actual filming....
<Terence Knox> I handed the picture to Stan just as it came into focus. The look on his face and his head
swiveling around looking at the tree tops...
<Terence Knox> for his precious chair is still in episode 12 of the first season. It might not sound that funny now...
<LOU> it does
<Linz> It still is
> it does :)
<Terence Knox> but we were spitting on our chests trying to keep from breaking up laughing and not ruin the

<TKTK> What's the status of your new movie (An Ordinary Killer(?) and who were you closest to on TOD?
<Terence Knox> 1. Ordinary Killler is they are in town right now this minute...
<Terence Knox> they are using one of Erin's original songs.....for the soundtrack.
<Terence Knox> 2.
<Terence Knox> I don't know if I can answer that because I get emotional thinking about all of them..
<Terence Knox> we are all assholes at times
<Terence Knox> but we loved one another very much
<Luz> <Luz I'll hope the movie comes to Holland soon
<Terence Knox> I was in Amsterdam promoting tour of duty
<Deborah> it was very obvious in the show that you were truly all very close

<Doc> first - congrats to you and Erin. now, what would be your ideal project? film, stage, television? and drama
or comedy? or dramedy or coma? (yes, that was on purpose, I can only behave so long)
<Terence Knox> I think it was in 92 one of my favorite places in the world
<Nikkie10> Amsterdam or Volendam?
<Terence Knox> Doc, TV drama in which I work steady, but I'm not a hero....don't get killed....
<Terence Knox> am a bit of a sleaze, but don't rape anybody.
<Doc> LOL thank you for answering
<SgtPepper> you are always the hero Terry

<Proud to be a Bomber> <Proud to be a Bomber>Terry, do you ever get a chance to read the Sandstorm? hope
to see you at R2K+3 in June.
<Terence Knox> Proud: yes, I have. people have sent me copies of it.
<Terence Knox> I guess David Rivers is on there quite a bit
<Proud to be a Bomber> Proud---got that right! LOL
<Proud to be a Bomber> Proud--talks about you a lot. LOL
<Terence Knox> I guess I'll read it more
<Proud to be a Bomber> Proud--- ;)

<DC> I just want to say hello and the next person can ask their question.
<Terence Knox> Hello DC. What's the DC stand for ?
<DC> Hello Sir. It stands for Dawn Chaser- it was a book I wrote.
<Terence Knox> what is a Dawn Chaser ?
<DC> Dawn Chaser was a research ship. Sailing ship.
<Terence Knox> DC gotcha buddy
<DC> Thank you. It was a pleasure to meet you.

<EstherM> OK, please let the records state that it is 4.35 so my typing skills aren't up to speed...
<EstherM> I saw you on a Dutch TV show, back tot the nineties
<EstherM> what was that like??
<Terence Knox> that was great !........
<EstherM> Oh, and if you see Tony Becker, please ask him to marry me. I have had a crush on him since 1990
<Terence Knox> Those guys were really cool..
<EstherM> but please don't tell my husband...... LOL
<Terence Knox> the wind was blowing..dirty as hell..
<Terence Knox> but they were a lot of fun.
<Terence Knox> say hello to them if you can.
<Terence Knox> He might be game for it.
<EstherM> LOL... thanks...

<Rozane> Linz is next..she somehow got overlooked up there before....My fault.
<Linz> No prob Roz
<Linz> Question: I'm aspiring to be a writer, probably like a lot of other people here...if i send u a story of
mine...dont worry it'd be short, would u read it and give me feed back some day?
<Terence Knox> yea I'll feed ya back. Send it to Roz
<Linz> Thanx Terence!!
<Terence Knox> no problem

<Melanie> Hi Terry. I've been a fan since the days of St. Elsewhere.
<Terence Knox> Nice to meet you
<Melanie> Thanks. DC is too shy to mention this, but she is responsible for a website that features, among other
things, a pretty terrific bio of the ToD characters, including Zeke Anderson.
<Doc> yes! bravo to DC!
<Linz> Go DC
<Terence Knox> That's cool. How do you see it ?
<Terence Knox> what's the name of it so I can check it out
<Terence Knox> cool !
<EstherM> it is really good....
<Rozane> Terry, I sent the URL to Erin earlier.
<Doc> breathe DC
<Nikkie10> yes it's cool!
<DC> I'm still here Doc.
<Terence Knox> Oh yea I know what that is now. Thanks

<cdlynn43> Hi Terry, I'm also a fan from St. Elsewhere. Do you find it easier or harder to play real life characters
<Terence Knox> what do you mean ?
<cdlynn43> you have played characters in series as opposed to real life people
<Terence Knox> oh now I gotcha...
<Terence Knox> I'd rather create them myself, but trying to catch the essence of somebody who is really out
<Terence Knox> like the Dentist in Elizabeth Morgan story...
<Terence Knox> is a challenge.
<Terence Knox> Sometimes it works out, sometimes it don't. Now that I think about it..
<Terence Knox> My real life characters usually get killed.
<Terence Knox> or put in prison
<Doc> dontcha hate that?
<cdlynn43> thanks, it's nice talking to you
<Terence Knox> no problem.

<Nikkie10> Hello Terry! Have you seen any of your ToD-friends lately....are you guys talking about a reunion show
(we would love that)..are you like Zeke, or are you a totally different person?
<Terence Knox> yea I see Tony Becker once in a while...
<Terence Knox> most of the guys are pretty busy...and it's hard to explain
<Nikkie10> and then you play basketball?
<Terence Knox> but actors really don't run into eachother that much
<Terence Knox> out in the street
<Linz> Thats so cool
<Nikkie10> that' s cool!
<Terence Knox> for example I live downtown...
<Terence Knox> there are no other actors that I know of within the radius of 20 blocks,
<Terence Knox> 3 nationalities and 2 languages.
<Terence Knox> but we talk about eachother quite a bit, I know for a fact.
<Terence Knox> and am fact doing right now
<Doc> LOL
<Nikkie10> LOL Terry!
<Terence Knox> and still care about eachother ver I am in fact doing right now.
<Terence Knox> as I say this.
<Nikkie10> and what about Zeke? Do you like him?
<Terence Knox> Yea I like him very much.
<Nikkie10> Thank you Terry

<Jamie E. Tegart> I've been a fan for a while now. Must admit I think your pretty cute. Erin is a lucky woman!
Stephen and Tony are pretty cute too! My question...
<Jamie E. Tegart> Have you been to Calgary AB Canada? You and Erin should visit the Calgary Stampede some
year and visit us hicks. Its lots of fun. Say his to Tony for me!
<Terence Knox> Hey I'm a hick too..
<Terence Knox> I've been to the pendleton round up...
<Jamie E. Tegart> Excellent
<Terence Knox> which in it's day was bigger than the Calgary..
<Jamie E. Tegart> where is that?
<Terence Knox> Pendleton Oregon...eastern Oregon

[Fri Apr 04 04:51:22 GMT+02:00 2003] TOD Advisor Russell: Military Advisor to TOD writers 1 & 2nd Season
> wb Mr. Russell
<Terence Knox> Hey Rusell what's going on man ??
<TOD Advisor Russell> Hey Mr. Knox, not much
<Terence Knox> Mr Knox ? are you kidding
<TOD Advisor Russell> We never met, so I try to be proper LOL
<Terence Knox> who did you work with most ?
<Terence Knox> in the office
<TOD Advisor Russell> Oh, the office manager! I forget her name!
<TOD Advisor Russell> She was GREAT
<Terence Knox> that would be the blonde girl ?
<Terence Knox> was her name Nickie ? peppy and blonde ?
<TOD Advisor Russell> I never met her either. I did all my work by phone and FEDEX from NYC
<Terence Knox> well she should've sounded blonde...because she was.
<Doc> hey!
<Doc> hey!
<Deborah> Hey too..
<TOD Advisor Russell> I only met Ramon Franco in an off-Broadway play I was advising
<SgtPepper> feathers down now Doc
<Doc> LOL Deb
<Terence Knox> how's he doing ?
<TOD Advisor Russell> that was PRE-ToD
<Doc> not all us blondes is mo-rons
<EstherM> thank you doc!
<Deborah> that's right
<Jaz> Well said, Doc

<Rozane> HEY....intermission break....hang on while Terry goes off for a drink of water.
<Rozane> Everyone get up, move your legs around.....


<Terence Knox> Hey everybody...David Rivers is in the house. He's not signed on as that, but it's him.
<Nikkie10> wb Terry
<Linz> wb Terry
<Luz> Luz<wb terry
<Deborah> WB TErry & Hi David
<Proud to be a Bomber> <Proud to be a Bomber>Hi, David(Linda from Bakersfield)
<SgtPepper> hello David
<OhGawdTerryHelp> linda hugs
<Proud to be a Bomber> Proud to be a Bomber---hugs right back
<Melanie> And who the hell is David Rivers?!?
<Doc> tnak you mel!
Doc> thank
<Melanie> Oops - sorry about that. <g> Didn't mean to push the button.
<OhGawdTerryHelp> you mean YOU don't know...oh gawd
<Terence Knox> oh my god you don't know david me ?
<Proud to be a Bomber> <Proud to be a Bomber>another cool guy from Terry's hometown and high school
<Melanie> LOL! Trigger finger here. Sorry.
<OhGawdTerryHelp> hey you guys...Melanie doesn't know and we ain't gonna tell autographs for her from

<OhGawdTerryHelp> Terry...did you tell them we used to be blondes?
<Rozane> Go ahead, David and Terry. Tell about the blonde moment
<OhGawdTerryHelp> go terry
<SgtPepper> Roz can you see Terry with the hair color on his head? would have had to have been a wig
<Terence Knox> david rivers dyed my hair blonde and it burned my scalp....
<EstherM> ouch....
<SgtPepper> OUCH
<OhGawdTerryHelp> burned mine too
<Deborah> ROTFLMAO
<Terence Knox> by the way it wasn't blonde, it was a shitty redish color
<EstherM> what were you doing?
<OhGawdTerryHelp> like bricks
<Luz> Luz<ay ay aay
<Terence Knox> it looked like irish pubic hair
<Amy P.> LOL
<Jamie E. Tegart> not even a nice red? (thats my hair colour)(natural)
<OhGawdTerryHelp> we wanted to look like a friend of ours with blonde hair...ended up having to shave our heads
<Terence Knox> david what's interesting about that. Is that your mother should have been responsible for us since
it was in your basement right ?
> David: I guess the lesson for that day was: don't be like others, be yourself ;)
<Rozane> And didn't it start a thing in the school where they thought it was cool for you to have shaved heads?
<LOU> trend setters
<OhGawdTerryHelp> yup...most every kid shaved his head that summer
<EstherM> Gee Roz, you know your Terry Basics.....
<SgtPepper> when did you guys do that?
<Jamie E. Tegart> LOL
<TOD Advisor Russell> Boy THAT would get you sent for councelling THESE days! LOL
<Terence Knox> summer of 7th grade
<SgtPepper> what year?
<OhGawdTerryHelp> my mom TOLD US HOW TO DO IT!
<TOD Advisor Russell> She'd lose custody
<SgtPepper> David she should have been held on account
<Terence Knox> I think she actually bought the stuff for us
<OhGawdTerryHelp> probably...but she warned us
<TOD Advisor Russell> is THAT how you learned how to box, Terry? LOL
<Amy P.> LOL!!!
<OhGawdTerryHelp> Oh Gawd Terry Help...please!
<Terence Knox> no bleach blonde boxers weren't in style then
<TOD Advisor Russell> I was thinking of you explaining it to the other kids.....
<SgtPepper> lol
<EstherM> kids???
<SgtPepper> KIDS
<Nikkie10> 7th grade
<TOD Advisor Russell> he was in the 7th grade
<OhGawdTerryHelp> they explained to us...we didn't do no splainin'
<TOD Advisor Russell> 13
<EstherM> aw, get it..
<EstherM> thought you were referring to explaining it to us...
<SgtPepper> those were wonderful years
<EstherM> Sure mom...
<TOD Advisor Russell> "see my Mom bought this hair dye for me and....oh, all right, after school, we'll fight!"

<Rozane> Jamie needs to finish her question
<SgtPepper> Jamie
<Rozane> Jamie?
<Rozane> Then Joanne
<Jamie E. Tegart> I'm coming
<Terence Knox> Jamie, what's going on ?
<OhGawdTerryHelp> she's comming...leave her alone!
<SgtPepper> yes
<Luz> <Luz<we'll wait
<Rozane> Shhhh, give her a minute.....
<Jamie E. Tegart> Have you been to Calgary,AB Canada? Do you plan on Coming? You and Erin should! P.S.
Say hi to Tony and keep you eye out for a good hick. I'm on the lookout!
<OhGawdTerryHelp> gotsta run, later...Love you guys
<Terence Knox> I haven't been to calgery,....
<Terence Knox> I wouldn't mind visiting, but not in the winter...
<EstherM> Sorry to break in but do you ride yourself Terry??
<EstherM> as in do you ride horses?
<LOU> lol
<OhGawdTerryHelp> he'll ride anything that walks!
<Doc> I was gonna say, esther, that's kind of a personal question
<Terence Knox> I try to ride myself, but it hurts my back. My legs get in the way
<Canuck> Ihope so Esther
<EstherM> yeah well, what can I say.....
<Jamie E. Tegart> LOL

<Rozane> are next......
<Joanne> Hello Terry and Erin, thanks for being here. First, Eric B. says to say hello, and when you see Tony let
him know he has a nice website (plug) LOL
<Terence Knox> I didn't know tony had a website. And is Eric anywhere around this virtual room here ?
<Joanne> no he was not able to make it tonight, and yes Tony has a great site.
<Joanne> he did say that he ran into Erin a while back
<Terence Knox> Eric B. once picked me up once handed upside down both ankles knotted in his massive fists.
<SgtPepper> lol
<Rozane> Joanne has Eric's official site and Tony's site.
<Terence Knox> he held me upside down..
<Joanne> lol
<Terence Knox> and dropped me head first into a bush
<EstherM> ouch again...
> lol
<Terence Knox> that was his idea of a joke
> how nice of him :)
<LOU> lol
<Nikkie10> ouch
<Joanne> I will be sure to let him know that you remember that LOL
<Joanne> he did mention the mud down the back
<SgtPepper> i hope it wasn't in response to the joke you played on him in the Hill
<Nikkie10> I read about that joke!
<Terence Knox> does he still giggle with his tongue sticking out of his front teeth ?
<Canuck> do tell
<Joanne> he sure is a funny man
<SgtPepper> he was the original Mr. Goofy for TOD
<Joanne> and speaks very lighly of you
<EstherM> lightly or highly?
<Joanne> highly oops
<Doc> esther!
<SgtPepper> lol Joanne
<Terence Knox> tell him i said hey
<Joanne> my chair tipped over
<Terence Knox> I'm sorry he's working and I'm not
<DC> DC here has to call it a night. Night all. Night Mr. Knox- a pleasure to meet you.
<Joanne> lol
<Terence Knox> take it easy DC thanks for coming

<Jaz> Hi Terry--I'm sorry--things deteriorated so much after the hair dye story that I'm speechless...I think I'll pass
on the question. :-)
<Doc> Jaz wants to know if you have a dog!
<DC> Night all. <waves>
<Terence Knox> I have 3 dogs and 4 cats...
<TOD Advisor Russell> hope you feel better DC
<Terence Knox> all strays
<Doc> holy cow!
<Canuck> cheating Doc
<Jaz> Oh my!
<Nikkie10> that sounds great
<EstherM> what kinds of dogs?
<Terence Knox> all of them sleep in the house, all of them on the bed
<EstherM> busy bed....
<Doc> esther!
<Terence Knox> one dog is house broken...
<Jaz> Esther!
<Terence Knox> none of the cats
<Doc> LOL
<LOU> terry i have a 12 year old bearded collie called zeke
<SgtPepper> Terry you need to meet my friend who collects stray cats
<Terence Knox> that's holy shit
<EstherM> Hey, he said they were SLEEPING!!!! on the bed..
<Doc> LOL
<Deborah> that is so nice of you..
<Jamie E. Tegart> Does Erin mind?
<Terence Knox> Erin brought the damn cats home
<Jamie E. Tegart> LOL
<EstherM> I'll take one ...
<SgtPepper> LOL oh my Erin
<Deborah> good for you erin.. I love cats too
<Terence Knox> thanks deb
<Nikkie10> what about the other dogs?
<SgtPepper> what kind of dogs and big or small
<Terence Knox> the other dog lives in a pen that david and i built in the junk yard accross the allie from my loft
<Terence Knox> the other 2 are inside
<Luz> Luz<what are their names?
<Terence Knox> 1. winnie is a 1/2 coyote 1/2 sheperd mix
<Jamie E. Tegart> wow, 1/2 coyote, pretty neat!
<Terence Knox> a beauty, sweetheart, a sensitive and loving dog....but she'll bit your ass off if she doesn't know
<Terence Knox> 2. Henry...
<TOD Advisor Russell> Ah, so no worry about burglars THERE
<Terence Knox> is a kindof dirty version of a walt disney dog
<Terence Knox> he's a terrior, and he actually did bite david in the ass or back of leg?
<Terence Knox> and he will not crap anywhere except in the house.
<Terence Knox> and that's true
<Terence Knox> skipper...
<TOD Advisor Russell> ah, training
<SgtPepper> lol Terry and Erin
<Terence Knox> is a kindof .....
<Terence Knox> small malmut lab
<Terence Knox> mix....
<Terence Knox> highly energetic a virgin, but highly alert to any posibilities

<topaz> We drove over 150 miles just to see
<topaz> one tour of duty show
<topaz> when a local sport show aired in Mpls
<topaz> were we crazy or super dedicated???
<Terence Knox> that's dedication
<EstherM> it sure is!!!

<Luz> <Luz<Hi Terry,Erin, are questions....
<TOD Advisor Russell> Actully Terry, do you recieve any residuals from TOD?
<Terence Knox> we get a small check every 3 months or so. It's not a lot of money, but it's some
<Terence Knox> Luz ?
<Luz> <Luz<What was the hardest part to do in tod.....and
<Terence Knox> trying to make it seem like it was hot and comfortable when in fact it was winter
<LOU> yeh but you looked good
<Terence Knox> thanks
<Karen> is winter in LA cold?
<Terence Knox> yep sometimes
<Karen> I always thought it was bright nice warm and sunny there all year round :)
<Terence Knox> no sometimes at night it gets real cold....

Doc: I thought since florida and cali are on the same level, they'd be nice and warm...
<EstherM> like in the 60s right LOL......
<Nikkie10> what's cold Terry? (Celsius pls)
<Terence Knox> and it snowed once on the set of tod
<Terence Knox> we got up
<Terence Knox> from the hotel by the set...
<Terence Knox> and the ground was covered in 2 inches of snow
<Terence Knox> and no one knew how to get to the set because of the snow.
<Deborah> was that in LA? snow??
<Karen> Mr Knox: did that mean that you guys got the day off untill it was snowfree again?
<Doc> Karen - one would think that, eh? depends where you are. closer to bodies of water, the warmer it is, like
the ocean or the Gulf of Mexico
<Terence Knox> Tony Becker was the only one that got in his jeep and made it to the set
<TOD Advisor Russell> Actually it can get very cold in Vietnam, but that wasn't in the script
<Deborah> How cold did it ever get in Vietnam Lee
<TOD Advisor Russell> No, the South also
<TOD Advisor Russell> ok, well, maybe 50 of so farentheit
<TOD Advisor Russell> but our blood had thinned out, so it felt colder
<Deborah> That is cold for Vietnam.. never imagined that

<Ceebee> Hey Terry-Thanks for being so patient--Was just wonderin' if you still have your 65 Austin Healey?
<Terence Knox> no i'm sorry it to pay some bills...
<TOD Advisor Russell> one of our sergeants had been an artillery observer in Alaska and said he was colder in the central Highland

<Rozane> HEY...only about 15- 20 minutes left. Lets make them count!
<Rozane> Terry has to go in abit. Make every minute here count.
<Deborah> Terry remember the scene where you & LT were POW's and in that cage and you were laughing like
fools.. was there anything that made you laugh like that?
<Terence Knox> That scene....
<LOU> Hi Terence, hi Erin, be goood if you could do this again, how do you decide what parts are right for you to
take and just to let you know i must be your biggest fan in Britian thank you
<Luz> <Luz< it is a funny scene!!
<Terence Knox> I think it was because we were so exhausted.
<Terence Knox> also it might have been because I had his slobbery imprint of his lips...
<Terence Knox> kindof a muddy snail track around my lips...
<Nikkie10> heh
<Terence Knox> from him giving me mouth to mouth.
<Terence Knox> we giggled a long time about that
<Deborah> ROTFLMAO
<Nikkie10> lol
<Doc> LOL
<Jamie E. Tegart> lol
<Terence Knox> and also...
<Amy P.> gotta go... good night all. Terry - thanks for your time and chat.
<Terence Knox> steve caffrey is one of the funniest human beings that ever walked this planet.
<Terence Knox> Goodnight Amy P.
<Nikkie10> is he? that' s cool
<Deborah> yes I know
<EstherM> Nikkie, he's talking about your guy...
<Nikkie10> I know!
<Deborah> He had some really nice things to say about you and Erin both
<Amy P.> Can I say one thing before I go?
<Terence Knox> sure
<Amy P.> I'm really looking forward to "Ordinary Killer" lived up in that area for a few years and can't wait to see it.
<Terence Knox> froze my ass off
<EstherM> Can I ask a question? It is a serious one........
<Amy P.> Oh I know EXACTLY how you feel.
<Amy P.> Thanks -
<Terence Knox> just ask...
<Canuck> Terry do you have any children
<EstherM> Did anyone ever fall out of a chopper??
<Terence Knox> nope, but I stood on the skin of one 100 ft in the air..
<Terence Knox> hanging on one
<Terence Knox> nobody ever did that either...
<EstherM> scary..
<Terence Knox> in fact the next year they tried to tell us that I hadn't done it the year before

<TOD Advisor Russell> it doesn't seem like it when you are flying,it is like the world is turning
<EstherM> And did you guys really eat those C-rats or did you pretnd?
<EstherM> pretend?
<SgtPepper> did you have any trouble dipicting the Sgt. that you portrayed?
<Terence Knox> ah.........
<Terence Knox> yea a little bit. Because he was a little more of a decent human being than I
<Terence Knox> so his anger and rage were always tempered with love.
<Terence Knox> where as myself...
<Terence Knox> I rely on asshole/urge more
<EstherM> <feeling all warm and fuzzy>
<Doc> LOL esther
<EstherM> what about those c-rats?
<Terence Knox> no because the prop dept

<Canuck> Do you have any children
<Terence Knox> vietnam era c rats were real hard to come by...rare...
<Terence Knox> and the prop dept guarded them like gold.
<TOD Advisor Russell> US Army went to MRE's in the 70's
<EstherM> so what did they put in the cans?
<Nikkie10> Terry have you ever been to Nam?
<Terence Knox> the prop dept would come around in between takes and put something in them. Can't remember
what ?

<TKTK> You recently signed a vhs box from Rebel Love for me...THANK YOU SO MUCH...Do scripts find you or
do you find scripts through your agent?
<Terence Knox> any children I might have are now of the age where they could be on the interent and seek me
<Terence Knox> so no I don't have any children.
<Terence Knox> the agent does it...
<Terence Knox> and..speaking of finding.....
<Terence Knox> where the hell did you ever find a copy of rebel lvoe ?
<Terence Knox> love
<SgtPepper> Terry before we go I want to say thanks for the oppertunity of chatting with you. some day maybe
you will get to my website and read the stories that I have written
<TKTK> Great movie, by the way,....bought it off eBay! I'll send you your royalties soon!
<topaz> Go to Ebay Auction for great stuff, including Rebel Love!!
<Terence Knox> sgt pepper : I will check it out. thanks!

<Terence Knox> Hey guys, thanks for everything....
<Nikkie10> nite nite
<Terence Knox> I'm signing off now......
<Luz> <Luz<it is 6.10 in the morning over here...
<Doc> bye Terry, thanks very much
<Terence Knox> I really enjoyed doing this, and I mean it !
<TOD Advisor Russell> Thank YOU Terry!
<EstherM> Thanks Terry
<cdlynn43> night Tery thanks
<Deborah> Thanks Terry & Erin.. & Roz.. it was great
<Luz> luz< thanks for taking your time Terry
<EstherM> it was good fun!
<Nikkie10> Thank you very much Terry and Erin
<Doc> thanks to you Erin, too!
<Jaz> Good Night Terry! You've been a really good sport--thanks.
<Nikkie10> and thank you Roz
<SgtPepper> hope that you can make time to do it again really soon Terry
<Terence Knox> let's do it again...soon. And, thank you Roz for ALL the work you have been doing. I think you are
pretty neat.
<EstherM> Thanks Roz
<Terence Knox> Pretty damn neat.
<Doc> 3 cheers for ROZZZZ
<Luz> Luz <<<and Roz ofcorce
<Terence Knox> for a one armed ol rebel woman
<Jaz> Yes Roz--well done. Thank you.
<EstherM> Huurah!
<SgtPepper> and Erin thank you for being his fingers on the keyboard
<Terence Knox> good night and good bye.

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