On location in Indiana with “Gila”

Gila!Poster-TJanuary 16, 2012: Terry recently wrapped filming on location in Indiana for the movie “Gila!,” a remake of the 1959 movie “The Giant Gila Monster” directed by genre auteur Jim Wynorski.  Terry played the character of the town sheriff.  Producer Bill Devers has kindly provided photos and links to articles about the movie. 

Gila! Facebook page

From Famous Monsters of Filmland:

You Tube: Terence Knox Dancing On The Set of Gila!


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Location photos courtesy of Terence Knox

Gila Monster-T
Gila Monster 2-T
Gila Monster 3-T
Gila Monster 4-T
Gila Monster 5-T
Gila Monster 6-T

Location photos by Pam Cook, courtesy of Bill Dever, producer.


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