On location in France with “The Hunters”

December 3, 2009:  Terry is on location in France to film Humal Productions’ "The Hunters" with his former Tour of Duty co-star Tony Becker. Thanks to Tony for his help in e-mailing these pictures.

December 15, 2009: More photos from ”The Hunters” on location in France, courtesy of the movie’s producer, Thomas Malmonte.

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More location photos from “The Hunters” courtesy of Thomas Malmonte, producer.



Courtesy of Thomas Malmonte, producer.


Courtesy of Thomas Malmonte, producer.

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the hunters 019t-sm
the hunters 027t-sm

Terry and co-star Tony Becker: "Glad to be working once again with my longtime friend Tony Becker, without whose help none of this would have been possible."

Terry on location in France filming in the ruins of an old fort.

the hunters 020t-sm
the hunters 028t-sm

More photos from “The Hunters” on location.


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