Toronto Globe, September 22, 1987:

Look Who’s Going to Take on Cosby

Knox in Sept 1987 Globe articleActor Terence Knox is going to war next week – against TV’s top gun, Bill Cosby.

The relatively unknown actor, who once played a rapist-doctor on St. Elsewhere, has a new series, Tour of Duty, on CBS.  It will air in TV’s toughest slot, opposite NBC’s top-rated Cosby Show on Thursday night.

Cashing in on a spate of Vietnam movies, Terence, 36, plays a tough sergeant who leads his men through the war-torn country – and he’s expecting explosive ratings results.

“The Cosby Show is going into its fourth year and we think that people are getting a little tired of that family and their constant sweetness,” says a CBS executive.

“The show is vulnerable.  Tour of Duty, with its realistic action and characters, is just the show to draw viewers from Cosby.  And Terence is an appealing, sexy leading man.”


Terence admits he feels some guilt in not having fought in Vietnam, but says: “If it happened again, you’d still have to drag me.”

His role as Sgt. Zeke Anderson is a big departure from the slimy Dr. Peter White he played on St. Elsewhere.  As for his confrontation with Cosby, the actor downplays his hopes in public.

But the source says: “Terence is confident.  He thinks we’ve got a real winner of a show here with a good chance of toppling Cosby.

“Sometimes he’ll go around the set joking: ‘We’re not fighting the Vietnamese here.  We’re battling big Bill.’”

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