Hitkrant magazine, circa 1990:
(original article in Dutch; translated by Esther Ruesink
Additional thanks to Bravo344)




By: Irene Linders
Photography: William Rutten





About twenty years ago, the leading character of Tour of Duty, Terence Knox, Sergeant Zeke Anderson in the series, last visited Holland. “Born to be wild,” he was supposed to backpack the country with some friends, but he didn’t make it past our groovy capital Amsterdam…“I was young and wild back then,” Terence explains. “And I came for the pot and women. I really had a great time then.” Recently Terence set foot in our country again. We followed the Tourist of Duty closely…

Now Terence is 43 and by no means as wild as he used to be. He doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t drink, he prefers to eat out of a vending machine, gets up at 6 o’clock in the morning (even 5 o’clock when working), and goes to bed every night at a reasonable hour. It rarely happens that he goes to bed past 10 o’clock p.m. During his Holland trip it was noticeable that the popular American actor was troubled by weariness. Perhaps it was jet lag, but Terence did not waste any opportunity to take a nap. In spite of that, Terry, as his friends call him, mentioned that the sightseeing tour of Volendam-Marken was one of the best days of his life. “It’s just as flat here as in Oregon, where I have lived for many years,” Terence says, while we ride in a genuine jeep from Amsterdam to Volendam…

Photos and captions below: click on the small image to see the full-size picture

TourOfHolland6-t1. Terence had never been in the old fishing village Volendam. He looked around in amazement while shown around the town by the “godfather of Volendam” Jaap Buijs, the manager of Annie Schilder and Piet Veerman among others. “What a beautiful village this is,” he says. “And all these funny little wooden houses. Hahaha, really funny little wooden houses. I have never seen such funny wooden…” Yes, we know all right!

TourOfHolland5-t2. After a lovely dinner - no fish, because Terence doesn’t like that - Terence is willing to pose with the gold records of BZN. “But if BZN sounds like an eel feels, I don’t understand how they got this precious metal.” Well, that’s a long story, Mr. Knox. Terence himself actually used to drum for a while. Back in the Sixties he performed regularly in coffeehouses together with a saxophonist.

TourOfHolland7-t3. Er, Terry, er, you got something there in the corner of your mouth. No, your other ear…

TourOfHolland-t4. “Ugh, eel…” Terence doesn’t want to have anything to do with it because he once saw a horse’s head with eels coming out of it. Photographer William nevertheless sweet-talked him until he could convince him to hold one for a moment, but it wasn’t done heartily.

TourOfHolland9-t5.Terence, we are presently on a boat that will take us to Marken, the former island where only 2,000 people live. In the seventeenth century, when the shipping…er, Terence. TEERREEEENCE!!!!

TourOfHolland8-t6. Inside the house of the most famous resident of Marken, Sijtje Boes, the woman who passed away two years ago and spoke her languages fluently, but had never studied them. By contrast, Terence has studied several languages but doesn’t speak a single one!

TourOfHolland4-t7. “Did a whole family sleep in such a box bed? Incredible,” Terry thinks. “And all those dolls, it almost looks like a museum. You can’t imagine that people still live here.”

TourOfHolland2-t8. “Ah, the famous Dutch wooden shoes.” Laughing, Terence steps into the wooden shoes and poses willingly. When further down the way, a pile driver was getting busy as part of the new construction project, William said: “Er, I would get out of them, Terry, the owner of those wooden shoes is coming!” It took three hours before we found the fearless actor again, trembling under the bushes...

TourOfHolland10-t9. Taking a picture with two Volendam mommas in traditional costume. The ladies had never heard of the nice American, but they promised they would watch Tour of Duty sometime. “We don’t really like the bang-bang stuff,” the two Volendam ladies said.

TourOfHolland3-t10. “Ah gee, what a sweet Dutch pussycat.” This is certainly a different picture from the fearless Sergeant Anderson in the Vietnam of Tour of Duty, isn’t it? Then it would have been: “Ah gee, what a nice bit of satay*.”

*satay is an Indonesian dish consisting of chunks of meat cooked on skewers over a fire.

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