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Zeke_TV_Guide-3rd seasonThe cliffhanger on CBS’s Tour of Duty last spring saw Sgt. Zeke Anderson (Terence Knox) and Lt. Myron Goldman (Stephen Caffrey), trapped behind enemy lines, call in artillery fire on their own position.  Not to fear, we’re told. Anderson and Goldman will be back with all the other Vietnam grunts this fall.  The only question is: how?  At press time, the plot strategists at Tour HQ were still wrangling over their options.  Should their heroes emerge slightly wounded?  Or be taken prisoner and then escape?  Stay tuned.  The future is a lot clearer – if bleaker – for Goldman’s sometime girlfriend, war correspondent Alex Devlin (Kim Delaney).  According to executive producer Zev Braun, Alex will be facing a “life-threatening” situation and will most likely leave the series.  The problem with Alex, says Braun, was that having a journalist turn up in every situation wasn’t credible.  Instead, look for more realistic storylines focusing on the men’s growing frustration at fighting a “winless war.”  Also, says Braun, “We may send one of our guys home to deal with the growing violence there.”  And one of the regulars will even become hooked on drugs.  As the producer explains the show’s new emphasis: “Our arena is Vietnam and we have to serve that.  We had a little problem with that last year, but we’ll be back on track this season.”  --I. R.

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