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Tour of Duty Sites:

Tour of Duty Info
Info is a resource of information not only for Tour of Duty, but about the military during the Vietnam War era. Designed for fanfic writers and anyone who enjoys the details, Info has an extensive episode guide and detailed character biographies written by DC. Info also enjoyed the help and expertise of Lee Russell, one of the military advisors for ToD, who provided several articles about the military and some notes on various characters. Also included are detailed information about Vietnam-era Hueys and a glossary of slang and military terms pertinent to the era. Info is designed and maintained by Mel. Info’s resources were recently used by the producers of the British release of the Tour of Duty DVDs.

Tour of Duty Journals
Originally an archive of fanfiction by DC and Doc, Journals has expanded into a more inclusive fan website that includes an extensive photo collection and vid capture library. This is an "age friendly" site, welcoming any and all ToD fans. Journals is designed and maintained by DC.

Tour of Duty Vids
The newest sister site to Info, Journals and Notes. This is an ever growing collection of music videos created by fans. Contemporary as well as Vietnam-era songs are combined with footage from the series- there is something here for everyone. Downloads are free and offered in a variety of file sizes to accomodate those users with any type of internet access. Vids is updated frequently. It is designed and maintained by DC.

Bravo344 is an open project for the Tour of Duty fan community, containing episode transcripts, press articles, a soundtrack listing with download links, things related to the Vietnam War, and more! Sections of the site are editable (“wiki”) web pages that anyone can make additions or corrections to, from their own computer. is designed, owned, and maintained by Erika.

HUM 90
A complete goldmine of information about Tour, its cast and so much more.

Notes From the Underground
Notes includes a large collection of fanfic (for readers over 18 due to mature themes), photo gallery, fanfic glossary, and useful links for writers, among other resources. Notes is designed and maintained by Mel.


Other Associated Sites:

Ed and Oneita’s Site
Ed and Oneita’s site features the cast and crew from the production of “Ghost Town the Movie” featuring Terry as “Mayor Sam Emerson.”
This link will take you directly to the page where photos of Terry are featured:


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